I have this website called Sounds Like An Earful. I make music, post it to the website and sell it to creatives so that they can have nice, original music in their own projects.

I’ve been running the site for 6 months now, but it has been growing & my to do list has become too long for me to manage alone.

I’m looking for someone to help with…

  • Copywriting: Writing detailed descriptions of the individual tracks for sale (being a music lover would be a big plus here), re-writing licensing structure in layman’s terms, creating FAQs, music-related blogging, etc.
  • Data Entry: Updating metadata of tracks (e.g. ‘track length’, ‘genre’, etc.) to improve users’ ability to filter what they are looking for.
  • File Management: E.G. re-packaging all downloads into zip files with PDF instructions.
  • Marketing: Helping to market the storefront online. Finding avenues to advertise, reaching out to podcasters, filmmakers & creatives, helping with social media.
  • Testing:┬áTesting all downloads & various functions of the site as I program them.
  • Design Thinking: Brainstorming ways to improve, researching competition, improving user interface design, etc.

I’d be looking to hire someone for a few hours/week – hourly rate TBD. Remote working is preferred. (We’ll have fun and make collaborative playlists and geek out!)

Drop me a line at info@soundslikeanearful.com.