Alien Tongues An odd sci-fi vocal melody

I was inspired by the Golden Record that was shot into outer space on one of the Voyager missions when I sat down to record this track. I asked myself, “What if you had to write a song in an extra-terrestrial language?” The main melody that you hear is my own voice, altered to sound like – you guessed it, an alien. If you have a project that needs a little sci-fi flavour or even just anything about communicating with outsiders – this might be a good single to try out.

Great for:

  • Sci-fi films
  • Podcast theme songs
  • Anything that needs a little unique flavour
  • For non-profits, podcasters, indie film makers, non-sponsored Youtubers, etc.

  • For digital design/film production studios, freelance creatives, etc.

  • For broadcast television/radio producers, design/film production studios, etc.

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