Brand New Day An uplifting indie track for picking up spirits.

I worked with a not-for-profit a while back and created this piece of music for a podcast they were producing. If you have a project that needs an uplifting indie pop tune, you can now also download it for whatever price you’d like and use it in your own project!

Great for:

  • Inspirational videos
  • Anything with a positive message

Please note that all freebies are Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. This means that you can use them freely, but attribution is required. Give us a shout out & a link back and we’ll call it even! 🙂


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Try it out with a watermarked comp
Click here to download a watermarked comp of this song that you can try out in your project. If you love it, return here to buy the license and get the high-quality version!