Carpenteresque A classic synth horror theme inspired by John Carpenter

I watched one of the Halloween movies recently and just couldn’t get over how iconic that theme song by John Carpenter is. It’s incredible how simple, catchy and perfect it is for that movie. In the spirit of that, I wanted to pay homage to John Carpenter by recording this music kits that was inspired by him. The synth is classic 80s, there’s lots of unsettling, eery space and you’ll be humming the melody for the next few hours. If you have a horror-themed podcast or short film – give this music kit a try as your theme song. This music kit includes the following:

  • A main ‘theme song’
  • An alternate version of the main theme with a shortened intro
  • A loopable ‘background ambience’ that you could underlay beneath your entire projet to give it a cohesive soundscape
  • Two other loopable clips of various instruments
  • Two super useful short ‘stingers’ for transitioning between ‘segments’ or ‘scenes’

This download includes seven individual WAV files.



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  • For non-profits, podcasters, indie film makers, non-sponsored Youtubers, etc.

  • For digital design/film production studios, freelance creatives, etc.

  • For broadcast television/radio producers, design/film production studios, etc.

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Try it out with a watermarked comp
Click here to download a watermarked comp of this song that you can try out in your project. If you love it, return here to buy the license and get the high-quality version!