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Subscriptions are here!

When you subscribe monthly, you will be given your very own account at the music supply. This will allow you to login and browse the entire site – but instead of individually adding items to a shopping cart, you’ll be able to simply download anything you want as part of your membership. No more checking out, no more paying every time you want a new track – get your membership subscription and download anything on the site!

If you like what the music supply is all about and you like the sound of the music you find here – this is without a doubt the best way to get value out of the site (and help support it’s continued development!). Become a subscriber, join the community, have an ever-growing library of music at your fingertips!

The Details

  • Subscriptions renew monthly but you can cancel at anytime, no problemo! Try it out for one month and only renew if you love it.
  • Only $15 CAD $8 per month (reduced pricing only gauranteed until August 2019, so get in now!)
  • Download up to 20 songs/month. Keep songs you’ve downloaded forever (even if you cancel your subscription). For the price of buying one song individually, you can get 20 songs each month.
  • Join the members community and have your say in what types of new music gets made.
  • New music added every week.
Please note: This ‘Indie Creator’ subscription level only allows access to the ‘Indie license’ of any given product. Please see the licensing page for more details. We will be rolling out subscriptions that offer higher levels of licensing shortly (and can discount your optional upgrade when we do!). All pricing is subject to change in future.