• Heartbreaker

    $24.00 – $300.00

    This one’s a bit of a personal one. I dug it out of my archives from a time I was feeling pretty blue – but thought it had some quality…

  • Nostalgic At The Laundromat

    $8.00 – $150.00

    This track is something I recorded a little while back, very early one morning. I was reminiscing about killing time in laundromats and feeling a bit nostalgic. Hopefully this track…

  • Gluttony

    $8.00 – $150.00

    This download is a single individual MP3. Email us if you have an questions.

I am continually knocked out by Christopher’s ability to tell a seemingly infinite range of stories through music. Clever, inspired, and thoughtful, his creative approach has an uncanny ability to both support your podcast vision while also raising it to a new level.

The Analog Kid

The Ultimate Spin Podcast

Chris is someone with immense talent and I wanted to work with him as soon as I heard an episode of his podcast. Chris has the technical skills and experience to make a podcast sound wonderful but what sets him apart is his passion for podcasting as an art form and that makes him a joy to work with.


Sleep With Me Podcast