About The Music Supply

Behind this website and how it came together...

Independent & Canadian

The Sounds Like An Earful Music Supply is an independent online music library that provides royalty-free music to creatives. The library is for podcasters, filmmakers, game designers & any other creatives that are looking for a little more personality in their ‘stock’ music. All of the music you’ll find available for download is unique to this website and produced exclusively for it.

Get Your Music Directly From The Artist

This music supply is the brainchild of Christopher Postill (you may know him as “Posty Posterson”). Christopher has worked as an audio engineer & had his work as a composer featured on podcasts including Sleep With Me, OddHobby, Song Spotters, Comatose, Bush League & many more. Christopher lives and works in Atlantic Canada. You’ll usually find him in his workshop every morning tinkering away with noise makers and electronics, trying to compose something interesting for this website.


Run on Patreon

As of 2020, this entire project runs on Patreon. All of the music here is ‘free’ to use (with credit). Those who are able to support the project with a Patreon pledge help me grow an even larger library of tunes. Simple as that.

You’ll notice throughout this website that I always refer to it as ‘our music’. That’s really how I feel. The music you find here all comes out of my fingertips, but that only happens because Patreon supporters make it possible. The music is ‘ours’. Go grab some and make something awesome.

Want to hear some examples?

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