The rules for using our music

(Use it however you want. Be cool about it by crediting the author. Support if you can.)

Do you have license restrictions?

In 2020, we decided to go fully Patreon-funded. We removed our older tiered-licensing. We have detailed licensing details, but here’s the “too-long-didn’t-read” version…

  • If you are a Patron at any level, you can use the music you download here however you like. You are only required to attribute this website (a.k.a. “Sounds Like An Earful”) as the creator. Where relevant, a link back to this site is required.
  • If you aren’t able to support through Patreon, you can still use the music, but we ask that you do so for non-commercial projects only.

Please note that ALL uses of our music require attribution. Proper credit & a link back to this website are both REQUIRED.


For Non-Patrons

  • Chop up, remix, tweak and use audio creatively
  • Never pay royalties
  • Use in exclusively not-for-profit projects

The non-patron license allows you to use material in non-commercial (e.g. you are not being paid by a client & you are not using it to sell anything) contexts.

For Patrons

  • Chop up, remix, tweak and use audio creatively
  • Never pay royalties
  • Use in for-profit, commissioned or sponsored projects
  • Distribute to a global audience
  • Distribute project offline (e.g. film festivals, DVDs, etc.)

Includes the same rights as Non-Patrons License but also allows you to use the material in global, commercial use cases (e.g. for client work, in advertising, etc.).


Regardless of which ‘license’ you have…

  • You can not resell our material.
  • You can not claim authorship of our material.
  • All licenses include attribution. We are really happy to have you put our music to good use – but we’re even happier when you credit us with a shout-out or a link-back!
  • At present, Sounds Like An Earful is not licensing it’s intellectual property based on geography. All licenses are currently ‘global’. We reserve the right to change this in practice without prior notice in the future.
  • It is unlawful to redistribute, sublicense or share licensed materials.