Podcasting Resources

Useful Apps

  • Anchor.fm
    Record, edit and publish a podcast right from your phone
  • Pinecast
    Nicely designed platform for hosting & distributing podcasts (allows for hosting multiple shows in one account!)
  • Transistor.fm
    A cool publishing platform for podcasters. I haven’t actually used this service first hand, but it seems like a really nice, polished service for hosting your show

Recording Programs

  • Audacity
    If free is a big plus for you, then this is where you should start. Multitrack recording & editing, without spending a dime.
  • Reaper
    Reaper is another very inexpensive audio editing software. For under $100 you can have a full-featured place to record & edit. I like the user interface a little more than Audacity, so if looks are important, this might be another option.
  • Ableton Live
    I included Ableton Live because it’s what I’ve always used and love. It’s a lot more expensive than the previous options, and the learning curve is a lot more advanced, but if you’re doing any sort of creative audio editing with your show and you have the time to experiment, I can’t recommend it enough.


  • Zoom H4N
    My pick for best mic for record in the field. I’ve been using a Zoom portable mic for years and I love ’em.
  • Blue Yeti
    My pick for best starter mic on a budget. Blue mics sound pretty great & plug straight into your USB port so it’s nice & easy to get going.
  • Audio Technica 2050
    My pick for best podcasting condenser microphone. If you have an audio interface, this is a great mic for voice. Just keep in mind that you’ll need phantom power and an interface to plug into your computer (I use a MOTU Track 16 for this).

Helpful Guides