Frequently Asked Questions

What license do I need to buy?

You can read more about this on the license information page. If you have a specific use case and you want to be sure you’re covered, please feel free to drop me an email and we can figure out the best license for your project!

What is the catch with the free music?

No catch. I sincerely want to make more music freely available. Hearing shows that aren’t all using the same ‘Corporate Stock Song #9999’ is great. I love it when people get creative with music I’ve recorded. Use it, remix it, do whatcha want – just don’t resell it.The freebies you find on this site are released under the ShareAlike 4.0 CC License. Attribution is required under this license (meaning you should give credit by linking back to this site) but a shout out would warm my cold, black heart even more :).

What is a ‘music kit’?

Music kits are the reason the S.L.A.E. Music Supply is different from other stock music marketplaces. As a creative myself, I understand that just buying a ‘song’ doesn’t always cut it. Sometimes you need a song, as well as an ‘interstitial’, and a background loop that all fit together. The music kits you find here include full pieces of music, as well as useful building blocks – all to make your job as an editor/creator/storyteller a lot easier. No more abrupt cuts to get timing right, or looping non-seamless 10 second clips over and over. The kits give you lots of pieces to play with so that you can focus on telling your story properly.You’ll find three different types of downloads in our music supply…

  • Singles – These, unlike kits, are just a single piece of music without all the extras included.
  • Music Kits – Packages of multiple audio files that include not only original music, but short ‘stings’, loopable clips, etc. to make your editing life reeeeeally easy.
  • Bundles – Once in a while, I’ll put together collections of multiple singles OR multiple kits that all fit together somehow. These are like super mega packs.

Who makes the music?

This music supply is independently run by me, Christopher Postill. I’m a freelance audio engineer & designer. The foundry is not set up as a reseller, meaning that the music you buy here is unique to our site and made exclusively by myself (with the help of some collaborators). Buying music here means that you are not only getting unique sounds you won’t find anywhere else, but you are also directly supporting the artist making the music; allowing for more production time for the music supply.

Where are you based out of?

Proudly Canadian! I live on the Atlantic side of the country in a little fishing town that still looks liek a fishing town because of it’s UNESCO World Heritage standing. It’s really, really lovely here.

What equipment is used in the S.L.A.E. studio?

It’s a long list, but here’s a shortlist of some of my favourite gear… If you are a musician, a podcaster or just a gearhead and want to chat more – drop me a line and I’d be happy to shoot the $#*? with you!

  • DAW: Ableton Live
  • Software PLugins: Too many to list. Lots from WAVES, lots from Native Instruments, EzDrummer, ProjectSam, etc.
  • Ableton Push
  • M-Audio Axiom 61
  • MOTU Track 16
  • Yorkville YSM5 Studio Monitors
  • Mics: SM57, SM58, Audio-Technica condensors, who even knows what others anymore…
  • Almost all of my acoustic instruments are off-brand beaters, I’m not a fan of delicate instruments. 🙂

What is your return policy?

We have a full money-back guarantee. If you have any issues with one of your purchases from the music supply, we’ll get you your money back. But wait, doesn’t that mean you could purchase something, get your money back and still have the files? Yep. It does. However, if you then used that music it would be both illegal and pretty uncool.

I’m more interested in this site being a community of creators than I am in squeezing pennies out of you – so I want you to be completely satisfied with spending your hard earned cash. If you aren’t, just let me know.