Sunny Floorida

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The warmest, most delicate music I have ever made

This track was recorded as part of our “Sleep Music Against Abuse” fundraiser in 2017. That project was able to raise over $700 in donations to a local women’s shelter. Thank you to everyone who took part! Now that Sounds Like An Earful is supported by Patreon, I’m really excited to be able to release all of the music produced during that project for all of you to use freely!

This one is, hands down, my personal favourite tune that came out of our sleep music fundraiser. It is SO delicate, SO sleepy, SO warm. It’s like a blanket. Or a purring cat. Or whaatever else makes you feel happy and comfortable. This track won’t be useful to ou if you are trying to be loud, abrasive and attention-grabbing. However, if you need your audience to relax and feel comfortable, this is about my best attempt at creating an soundscape for exactly that.

The name of this tune comes from my mum. She loves animals. She also talks to animals (a lot). She has a special talk-to-her-animals voice. All throughout my childhood I remember hearing her, anytime she found one of our pets basking in sunshine on the floor, saying “Oooooh, you are in sunny flooooorida!”. So now, to this day, I associate that with comforting Sunday afternoons and happiness.


There's no download button and it says this track is for Patrons only. How do I get it?

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What if I really like this song, but there's something I want changed about it?

Once in a while, I do get requests about needing to re-edit the length of songs to fit certain runtimes, or removing a specific instrument from the mix, etc. I try really hard to accomodate these, but unfortunately, I can't make any promises here. I have a limited schedule I'm able to dedicate to this project, so I can only do so much.

With that said, drop me a line with your request. I'll absolutely do what I can to help out if time allows! Higher tiered Patrons do get preference with these requests as a perk to their membership.

What are the rules for using this music?

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In either case, it is required that you credit "Sounds Like An Earful" and link back to this website ( You can find more details here, but that's about the long & short of it!

Do you want to see what I created using this song?

Yes! Yes! 100 times yes.

I really do love seeing what people are able to create using music that I've posted here. It always makes my day. If you have a cool project and you've used a tune from this music supply in it, please do email me a link to your project. I'll do my best to watch it and share it around!

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