Here’s another song I recorded while I was really into playing with old tape decks. It uses samples of a VHS tape deck being rewound, fast fowarded and stopped. The instrumentation is intentional very minimal to make this piece great for talking over. If you want to get that analog feel into your project, give this track a try. This music kit includes the following:

  • A main ‘theme song’
  • An alternate version of the main song with all found sound (tape clicks, rewinding sounds, etc.) removed
  • Two fully loopable sections of the song as loops. This allows you to drag & drop each ‘part’ of the song as long or as little as you need to fit your project.
  • One loopable drum beat
  • One loopable ukelele sample
  • One loopable ‘ambience’ sample
  • One loopable ‘tape sounds’ sample

This download includes eight individual WAV files. Listen below for a sampler of the assets included in this kit.

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$24.00 – $300.00
  • For non-profits, podcasters, indie film makers, non-sponsored Youtubers, etc.

  • For digital design/film production studios, freelance creatives, etc.

  • For broadcast television/radio producers, design/film production studios, etc.

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  • Includes fourteen individual WAV files
  • Running Length: 4:26
  • File Format(s): WAV
  • File size: 238MB