I’ve been chatting with some podcasters and designed this music kit to be reeeeally subtle & a little more ‘soundscape-y’ than some of my previous kits – to allow podcasters to more easily create an atmosphere in their shows. Comment belowif you’d like to hear more of this ‘ambient’ approach! This music kit includes the following:

  • A main ‘theme song’
  • An alternate version of the main song with all found sound (tape clicks, rewinding sounds, etc.) removed
  • Four fully loopable sections of the song as loops. This allows you to drag & drop each ‘part’ of the song as long or as little as you need to fit your project.
  • Two loopable drum beats
  • Two loopable piano sample
  • One loopable ‘ambience’ sample
  • Two short ‘stingers’ for intros & outros

This download includes twelve individual WAV files.

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$24.00 – $300.00
  • For non-profits, podcasters, indie film makers, non-sponsored Youtubers, etc.

  • For digital design/film production studios, freelance creatives, etc.

  • For broadcast television/radio producers, design/film production studios, etc.

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  • Includes twelve individual WAV files
  • Running Length: 3:38
  • File Format(s): WAV
  • File size: 146MB