Alien Tongues An odd sci-fi vocal melody

I was inspired by the Golden Record that was shot into outer space on one of the Voyager missions when I sat down to record this track. I asked myself, “What if you had to write a song in an extra-terrestrial language?” The main melody that you hear is my own voice, altered to sound…

Humming Through The Grocery Store A charming little indie pop tune with female humming.

I recorded this track a few years back. The melody was one of those ones that literally came to me as I was pushing a cart through the grocery store. I had to mute the radio & keep humming it the whole drive home so that I didn’t lose it. I laid it down, had…

Little Devils A fun, but spooky melody featuring an instrument known as the "Thumb Drum".

I have a really soft spot for this track. I originally recorded it in 2016 for an album where I made one song every day. I’ve stripped out the vocals and replaced the main melody with a mallet instrument called a ‘thumb drum’. It’s fun, but has a slightly creepy vibe to it as well….

Bauline A pensive acoustic guitar composition inspired by a hiking trail in Newfoundland, Canada.

This music kit contains a collection of musical building blocks great for use in your pensive or ‘outdoorsy’ projects. The kit includes the following: A main ‘theme song’ An alternative, shorter edit of the main theme that can be used for transitions. Two background loops of the isolated guitar part (good for talking over) The…

Home Cookin’ A cross between a folk feast & Italian fine dining.

This download is a single individual MP3. Email us if you have an questions.

Tiny Maniacs A wild, playful child-like mandolin jig.

This download is a single individual MP3. Email us if you have an questions.