Vampire’s Lament A retro-horror inspired lament led by a crunchy electric guitar and a theremin

I’ve got a real soft spot for fun, knowingly-cheesy horror – especially the music that accompanies it. Horror punk & psychobilly get played a lot around here. With that in mind, I sat down on this rainy Sunday and made a sad lament, something Dracula might listen to while he ponders the meaning of the…

Flight Of The Drones An epic post rock jam with a sci-fi twist.

Once in a while I like to plug in and make some good old rock tunes. This song came out of one of those jams and I liked the vibe it built – with the wandering lead guitars and the big outbursts in the chorus. To me, it’s got a good sci-fi / futuristic vibe…

They Say It’s Haunted A psychobilly dance anthem for all them cool ghouls.

This track was SO fun to make. If you have anything Halloween-themed or just need a little bit of that darker edge, give this track a try. This download is a single individual WAV. Email us if you have an questions.

Wrath An angry 'western' style rock song about wrath.

This download is a single individual MP3. Email us if you have an questions.